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January 01, 2015

My name is Clara. My story is about a thousand pages long and it's barely even begun, but I'll give you a quick rundown on the important things and try to spare you the irrelevant details (I am saying this knowing that I will fail and you will know all the irrelevant details.)

I was born in Victoria, BC and currently reside in Alberta. I'm a BSc student and even though, I love all the gross things about the body, I can also look good while doing it. If you would have told 10 year old me that I would grow up into a somewhat "girly" girl, obsessed with makeup and nail polish, running a "beauty & lifestyle" YouTube channel and a what-started-out-to-be "fashion blog," I'd probably laugh in your face. While I still wouldn't be caught wearing an outfit consisting in mostly pink and lacking any sort of black, I do think that I am more girly than 10-year-old me would have liked.
Now, while I don't want to get into too much about myself, as it'll defeat the purpose of you reading my blog; I'll tell you a little bit about how I got into blogging and the world-wide-web. I actually get asked this often and it's something I wasn't going to be making a whole blog post about, so why not put it in here?

I actually started making YouTube videos at age 9, I sang a lot and made some singing videos which got a few views, a kid from school ended up finding my videos and making fun of me for it, so I took down all my videos and deleted my channel. A couple years later, I made another YouTube channel and made "music videos," I'm not going to go into details about that but if you remember what YouTube "music videos" were, good on you, you were definitely a 2008-2010 youtube kid! Another kid from school found those and I deleted them and my channel with nearly 9,000 subscribers. I ended up going through a series of other YouTube channels between then and 2012 and my viewers fluctuated. (I got nearly half a million views once!) A few things happened at school which you will very quickly learn about in my blog posts which caused me to stay off youtube completely for about 3 years. Which brings me to now. During the time I wasn't on YouTube, I spent all my time on Tumblr.

Tumblr is where I discovered more people "like me," (didn't I mention, I'm black and grew up in an all white town? You'll learn more about that in my posts.) I wrote everything on tumblr. Every friendship, make up, break up, loss, achievement, thought, E V E R Y T H I N G. During Ferguson and the awakening of America, I began making Facebook posts about my own personal experiences with racism. I would also post them on my tumblr.  One of my Facebook friends suggest blogging to me and I remembered that one of my tumblr followers suggested the same, but of course, I took it with a grain of salt because I was like, "what do you think I'm doing on tumblr?" but of course, my tumblr was private and not shared with anyone I knew personally, much different from what I do here. I did have a fashion blog at the time, but it was just fashion. I barely kept up with it and it was just something I did for fun because I did love fashion. Eventually, I realized that blogging, actually blogging, might be something that I really enjoy and now I'm sitting here. Blogging, with a traffic upwards of 2,000 visits per day from all over Canada, USA, Australia and Europe. And while that may not seem like a lot, this is just the beginning.

Blogging has provided for me what the world around me couldn't, a platform to speak and be heard. And while I did love sitting in the darkest corners of my bedroom blogging to the 200 people that followed me on my personal tumblr and sharing my experiences with my peers from my town on Facebook (aka the people that caused these experiences), that wasn't enough. What I was saying didn't matter to the people who caused it and I was preaching to the choir on tumblr and I wasn't actually impacting anyone and that was what was important to me. Making an impact, at least a small one, hoping that someone being bullied at school for their skin or their race or whatever it may be, could find some comfort in my posts, whether through my experiences or through my advice or just through my random other posts. And blogspot, twitter and youtube have given me the platform to do that. I've always been the girl that loves to make people happy. I love to help someone smile at least once a day and sometimes it doesn't always work out in my favour or to my advantage, and I've learned so much about trusting the wrong people and having your "good intentions" pave your way to hell; but sharing those experiences has given me an outlet to start over, whether through helping another person avoid these situations, or reassuring someone that they are not alone or helping someone understand their actions from the other person's perspective.

While doing all this, I include many of the things this blog originally was and then some. *Fashion, Beauty, Food, etc.* I love all that stuff and I hope you do too! When someone asks me what my blog is "about," I don't really know what to tell them. It's a little bit about everything. It's kind of a mess. Much like me.

I hope you all enjoy my blog and come back every week to read my posts!

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