June 20, 2015

.. or not-necessarily-so-graceful in grey

It's been a while since I made a post here! I thought I'd post this outfit that I bought the other day.. I've been a very guilty shopaholic lately. I posted this outfit on my lookbook and I decided to post it here too.

TOP: American Apparel | $34
You'll probably think I'm crazy, but I don't own grey tops.. It's weird seeing as it's my favorite color, but I don't.. but I did have this grey American Apparel sports bra, that I just threw on because it was the closest match to the skirt. Very comfortable - looks like a crop top (especially with a jacket.) (comes in assorted colours)

SKIRT: Ardene | $20
I LOOOVE ARDENE. I loved this skirt, but it was kind of uncomfortable to wear. The skirt itself, in terms of the fabric/material was VERY comfortable.. the length however is another story. Now, I'm good with showing a lil leg, a lil thigh.. , however! I am NOT fond of the cooch. It was a struggle trying walk out of my house without my hoo-ha hanging out. But that has much to do with my massive thighs. However, if you're on the smaller side and good with the short skirts, I definitely recommend it. Still deciding if I'd wear this skirt anywhere besides a beach. But again, if you have small thighs and a smaller butt.. this skirt would be great for you. I am completely in love with how it looks though. (comes in grey & black)

SHOES: Ardene | $30
I got these shoes half-price because Ardene sales are the best thing in my life. They are very, very cute, but uncomfortable. Although, I assumed they would be uncomfortable, my feet still resent me at the moment.. If you're good with discomfort and can walk on your toes, these shoes are for you. I think thin heels are a problem for me.. it kind of slides around and bends slightly when I put my weight on it, and I'm not too good at walking like a barbie doll. Such a bummer because I LOVE these shoes. Your feet may have the tendency of sliding forward a little, but it wasn't a problem for me.. it was for my sister though. The shoe style and colour are perfect. buy here

All in all, in cuteness, I'd give this outfit an A+, in comfort.. probably a B because I am not graceful haha.

Hope you all enjoyed this outfit/style review. xoxo

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