October 12, 2015

It has been a while, and I haven't exactly explained my hiatus.. And I'm still not going to explain it fully, instead I'm going to distract you with pretty, shiny things.. BECAUSE HAVE YOU SEEN THAT BLOG THO!

I'm going to get into the nitty gritty with all the new additions to my blog! I've been working really hard with an amazing team of people to get my blog just right for all of you and it's finally here! 


Much cleaner and neater than old one. Very minimalist and I love it.

• • 

My layout has changed and it has made it less busy, kiddish and annoying. I'm in love with the colours we chose because they are much calmer, laid back. My front page gives me a much fresher and clean feel than my old one and I'm in love with that.

• • 

My new navigation bar is so much easier to use! My social media links are up there as well if you're interested ;)

As well as down here..

• • 

I finally have an actual 'about me' section!

• • 

As well as an instagram feed preview:
(very bottom of blog homepage!)

• • • 

And my favourite part:

Now introducing: C L A R A R A D I O

I officially have a new radio app of 5-6 songs that are my 'favorite songs' that you can listen to for free on my blog. I will update the songs every Sunday night, and there will be a full list of the songs in every "monthly favourites" blog post. (First day of every month) (At the very bottom of my blog)

That is definitely not all, and there will be new additions coming over the next couple of weeks, so look out for that! Add me on snapchat for sneak peeks of new blog posts and videos as well as being the first to know about upcoming contests and giveaways! 

New posts every week as of now. 

Oh and let's not forget about my new signature,

Thank you to the following creative minds at the following sources for all the developing and making this possible!

SEO Developers Ltd
NWAP Graphic Design
Cindy Franklin, Web Services
Denova Media
Trent Sheets, Layout Design
Colby A, Creative Services

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