Double Zero

October 12, 2015

This is my second foodie blog.. in a row... You will soon learn what a complete fat kid I am, but hey, take me as I am. I find the most comfort in an abundance of delicious foods. (You can skip the next two paragraphs to get to the actual food part)

A couple months ago, after a long day of shopping (can you say haul? new looks coming real soon!) My sister and I decided to stop by Double Zero - a cute little pizza restaurant in the mall. I'd been there once before, but I wasn't too drawn to it but we decided to try again since we were in the mood for a slice. 

So, we walked in and were guided upstairs (the restaurant is a bi-level) and were asked if we would prefer the dining area or the patio - it was nice out and we chose patio; I could already tell I would love this place as the black and white colours would look amazing on my Instagram. (yes, i'm that person) Anyway, our waitress asked if we would prefer the sun or the shade and I stupidly picked shade (the wind is not your friend). But our waitress gave us the menu and eventually we order after having her hover like a helicopter on our every move..

We actually made it during happy hour (3-5) and all their appetizers and some of their drinks were on for $5 which was awesome. So we ordered the calamari to start. (Which I stupidly forgot to take a picture of.) That was actually the best part of the whole meal. That. Calamari. Was. A-Mazing. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! We later ordered our pizzas; my sister ordered a simple Hawaiian with some chilli pepper sauce. I ordered a pepperoni with spinach (which was an extra $2; the waitress 'forgot' to inform me - I wonder why I'm surprised as if adding extra anything is EVER free..) Anyway, it was so good; I'd have to say one of the best pizzas I've ever had. The crust was the perfect balance between crunchy and soft. That is literally how I decide if my pizzas are actually good or not, the crust. (I was that kid that ate everyone's crust because for some reason no one likes crust..)

I'd give the service about a B+, our waitress was really hovering, but it's understandable since it wasn't too busy, we assumed she was bored. The environment would be an A- but that is obviously because I was freezing due to my own stupid decisions. The restaurant itself is adorable and I love the layout and interior design. The food receives my best A. I loved the portion sizes and the prices; they also gave us a little pizza box to take out or food (since of course we didn't finish the whole pizza in one sitting.) And YES, the pizza tasted amazing cold and warmed up at 3 o'clock in the morning, in case you were wondering.

If you're ever in the Calgary area and looking for a bite, Double Zero is the place to be.

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