Newest Crave: Vietnamese Food

October 12, 2015

I am completely loving Vietnamese food lately. At first, I was skeptical because I thought it was similar to "Chinese Food" (aka the Chinese take-out they serve in America) because the last time I had it, I puked and ever since then even the smell of "Chinese Food" makes me nauseous. But Vietnamese food is nothing like that! My sister has actually been trying to get me to try it for half a year, but my friend, Reid, was actually the one who got me to try it for the first time. I got a spicy rice noodle soup that was absolutely delish!

My favorite meal, however, is the rice vermecilli with mixed veggies and beef, chicken and shrimp (which I actually give to my sister because I hate shrimp.) and some peanuts and fish oil. (Pictured above with strawberry bubble tea). So good! I literally take all my friends to Vietnamese restaurants whenever they're around.

The meal itself is around 700 calories, but it is so worth it! You get a huge portion of food, but if you're a little fat kid like me, you'll probably eat the whole thing in one sitting. You're probably gonna be full for the rest of the day, but not that fatty full you feel after eating a big mac or a shit ton of ginger beef. Full like you just ate a good, healthy meal.

If any of you get the chance, I definitely recommend a good Pho restaurant for lunch.

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