December 04, 2015

Today, my friends, was a good day.

I decided to take a drive to Southcentre Mall (which was appropriately decked out in its holiday attire, might I add) After about 2 and a half hours of shopping and spending entirely too much money, I decided to actually try out crujuice. I have had their Acai Bowl and it was delicious, but I wanted to actually try the juice.

Unfortunately, I was a little early so they didn't have too many flavours in stock, but we made do with what they had.

I sampled:
- C1 (Spicy Lemonade)
- C2 (Dirty Lemonade)
- W1 (Green Light)

C1 - Spicy Lemonade
Raw Honey

Camu Camu


Cayenne Pepper

Filtered H20

This one was extremely tart. The very sweet and helpful girl at the desk, did mention it was great for people with colds and I believe her. It tasted much like a tea mixture I make when I have a cold at home with Lemon, Ginger, Honey and Oregano, but cold. I think I liked it, but I think it's hit or miss with this one. (C)

C2 - Dirty Lemonade
Raw Honey

Bentonite Clay

Premium Activated Zeolite

Activated Charcoal

Filtered H20

I bought this one. I absolutely loved it. It literally just tastes like lemonade with a chalky texture (I'm assuming that's the activated charcoal) In case you didn't know, activated charcoal is an amazing detox mechanism. It's often taken by mouth to treat certain drug overdoses/acute poisoning. Many toxins and drugs bind to it and it rids your body of the dirty. I'm guessing why it's called a "Dirty Lemonade." (A)

W1 - Green Light



Filtered H20

This one I actually didn't like. It was literally a strong minty water and I was not about it.  But I also am not a fan of minty-water or mint tea, so if you like that, minty-water taste, it was probably really good. This is probably for you. I'm a "mint is for gum and mouthwash" person. I think I made a sound after sipping it by accident. My taste buds were not happy. (D-)

I also got myself a delicious mango bowl, that I am in love with. I still can't tell if I like the mango or acai better.. I'll have to give myself another round of both. Those need their own blog post, let me tell ya..

Other stuff:

Customer Service: A+ 
The girl that helped me out (I wish I got her name! She was really pretty, if that helps!) She gave me undivided attention and let me sample as much (or as little) as I wanted, explained to me what they're all like. Explained the detox packages to me and some customer stories. She was very honest and I enjoyed that.

Cleanliness: A+
Sparkling counters, beautifully clean.

Prices: A
Amazingly priced. For raw fruit/vitamin/mineral juices, $7-12 (and even $4) is an amazing price range. What a time to be alive.

Set up: A++ *heart-eyes emoji*
Y'all know I love my black, white, beiges and browns.

Variety: B-
This is mostly because I went too early in the morning, before they got their stock in.

Everything else: A+

Overall, this is a place I will be visiting very often. Especially because it's located in one of my favorite malls in the city. If you ever get the chance, or end up visiting the ol' #YYC, get your behinds to Cru Juice, friends. It'll be worth every penny.

Oh, did I mention they deliver?

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