December 28, 2015


I decided to do a beauty video today, in honour of GenBeauty this weekend (which I will not be attending *cries*) instead of going as planned with the "explaining baggage" post. (If you have me on snapchat you'd understand - speaking of, join the snap squad: @clarawbu) 

Anyway, I came to the realization a couple days ago that any women have trouble with the basics of highlighting and contouring - which I completely understand because I had to learn on my own how to contour for my face shape. I have a really round and chubby face, which make it really hard to contour because my face has 0 structure to it. However, I've learned how to make it look a little less, circular and chubby and a little more structure-ful. 

TIP* I like to to do my eye makeup before I highlight and contour. It keeps me from messing it up with eyeshadow (I'm only wearing eyeliner & mascara) and keeps my highlight really clean and crisp.
Step 1: Apply Primer & Foundation

Step 2: Apply highlight in following areas
- Under eyes (carry low into cheek)
- Between eyebrows
- Center of nose
- Cupids Bow
- Chin
- (optional) Browbone

Step 3: Apply Contour in the following areas
- Under cheek bones
- Edges of forehead
- Corners of Chin
- Sides of Nose

Step 4: BLEND

* I prefer to use a beauty blender for my highlight and contour blending. However feathered brushes and 'contour' brushes always work as well, or even better, a combination of the three.

* Try not to use the same brush/blender (or side of the blender) to blend the highlight and the contour, wash in between blends or switch brushes/blenders

* Once blended add highlighter to your cheekbones and above the end of your eyebrows for extra shine. (BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Gold, Topaz and Blushed Copper look amazing on deeper skin tones)

* Sparkly bronzers also work well as highlighters on deeper skin tones! 

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