Behind The Scenes of MOZA (+FAQ)

January 24, 2016

As some of you may know, my sisters and I are a dance group called MOZA (previously, MozaGirls) - We choreograph and practice all our dances endlessly (using this word loosely) to ensure perfection (again, using this word loosely) at all our performances/events. Here's what goes on behind the scenes. 
- Days leading up to People for Progress Foundation's Harambee 2015


Are you all sisters?

Yes, we are all sisters.


Juliana, 35 / Tereza, 31 / Elena, 26 / Clara, 18

How long have you been dancing?

For as long as we can remember. We were previously in a choir with our friends and family known as, Mozambique Choir, when we were younger (based in Victoria, BC) and once we moved to Alberta, we broke off and the 4 of us became MOZA (previously MOZAGIRLS).

What kind of performances do you do?

Singing, Dancing & Dance Fitness [AfroFit] (We incorporate Traditional + Modern African and Western (American) dances.

Do you choreograph your own dances/How do you choreograph them?

Yes, we choreograph our own dances. We basically just put on a song and then dance to it and point out what works until it all comes together.

What kind of events do you perform at?

Festivals, Weddings, Charity Events, Parties - Most public/private events.

What songs are in the video?

(Not in order) Antenna (feat. Wyclef Jean) / Fuse ODG
Baby Oku (Dance Version) / Flavour
Skelewu / Davido
Alingo / P-Square
Shekini / P-Square
Decale Gwada / Jessy Matador
Ye Play / Fuse ODG
Trap Trap In The Bando (I Don't Wanna Look Like You) [Afrobeat Remix] / DJ Taey
Upgrade U / Beyonce
Love On Top / Beyonce
Feels Good / Naughty By Nature & 3LW

What are your prices/availability/contact/etc.?

All inquiries can be directed to:

any other questions can also be directed to this e-mail.

Southbank Centre Goodlife Fitness - People For Progress Foundation & Their Members - Mary-Ann Stushnoff - Patrice Ndikumana - Cardel Theatre - Sidney Chi - Marvin Simamanda - City of Calgary - Our Parents - Beyonce - Martin Luther King Jr. - Barack Obama..

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