Holiday Glam // NYE: Champagne Champion

January 01, 2016

Ready for Round Two?

Luckily, New Years Day 2016 fell on a Friday which means we can practically ring in the New Year for a whole weekend. So, here's a dramatic New Years' Glam eye to add to the Holiday Glam series. I used the NAKED2 Palette for this entire eyeshadow look, which is awesome because I barely ever do an entire eye with just one palette and I'm really trying to start. Here's a 15-Step Tutorial on how to achieve a look I appropriately named, The Champagne Champion. (In honor of Mr. Wesperiod, of course. Check out the 'Champagne Champion' music video here.)

Ladies & Gentlemen,
The Champagne Champion.

(You'll be looking at these photos from Left to Right)

1. You know the drill. Prime that face, bih! | Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer
I have been loving this primer. Get used to seeing it in all the tutorials.
2. Highlight + Contour + Conceal
If you want to see a full highlight and contour tutorial, shoot me a tweet or a snapchat (@clarajaide)
3. Eyebrows | Marcelle Accent Eyebrow Crayon brown
I wanted a really dramatic thick + arched brow for this look. The next step is essential in achieving this!
4. Eyebrow Highlight | MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer
Get right under that eye brown and highlight/clean up any stray hairs. Brush the hairs towards your brow and conceal them, then blend. 
6. Eyeshadow | We'll be using the shadows: (In order)
- Snakebite
- Busted
- Blackout
- Verve
7. Eyeshadow | Transition Color: Snakebite
**It'd be best to use a base color before beginning** Apply SNAKEBITE in your crease and blend it super well. This is our transition color. The transition from YDK to Busted is far too harsh since they don't have the same under tone.
8. Eyeshadow | Contour: Busted
Apply BUSTED to the outer corner of your eyelid, almost in a sideways v formation and blend it out really well. This will give you a beautiful eye contour.
9. Eyeshadow | Lid: YDK
Apply YDK to your lid. Avoid going to high into your eyelid, this doesn't have to reach your eyebrow. Do not blend your entire eyelid. YDK should be sharp and visible.
10. Eyeshadow | Blackout
Apply BLACKOUT to the very outer corner of your eyelid (almost where the wing of your eyeliner would go) and blend really well. (The blending side of the Naked2 Eyeshadow Brush works really well for this.)
11. Eyeshadow | Tear duct/Browbone Highlight
Apply VERVE to your inner eye (tear duct) and use and your brow highlight. Try to stay close to your eyebrow. 
Begin from the center. Keep in thin and thick in the wing. We're going for a cat eye look.
Falsies work well with this look, too! No lashes? No problem. This mascara is thickening and lengthening and everything in between.
14. Set your face and you are done, my friend.

I hope this was straightforward and you all have a fun and safe New Years! 

Shake it for the Champagne Champion tonight.

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