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February 04, 2016

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Happy Thursday Everyone! 

I'm currently lounging in my house in JEANS. Jeans. JEANS.
And I've never been more comfortable in my life.

I wasn't kidding. 

I love, love, love jeans, but I have SUCH a hard time finding jeans that actually fit properly with my waist-to-thigh ratio. (Apparently, when you hit puberty and are no longer shaped like a refrigerator, stores stop making jeans for you.) 

But curvy ladies (+ dudes), stress no more.

Let me tell you something about Bluenotes, okay. Not only do they have (some) 1, 3, 5, 7, 9... sizes.. they (mostly) also size in WAIST TO HIP TO INSEAM RATIOS. RIGHT?! Did you scream?! I did. Yeah, they have pants that aren't just one size/one width the whole way through! And not only that, their prices are so reasonable, my bank card actually smiled at me once after swiping. 

Isn't that amazing?! I swear, I traded in my wal-mart/target jeans in a second. 

Here's +BluenotesJeans looking SUPER ADORABLE in my past ootds:

(click photo to go to blog post that contains outfit)

This is Olivia.

She's a rinse wash, high rise, skinny jean.
Isn't she gorgeous?
When Olivia calls herself "HIGH RISE," she really means HIGH RISE.
Oliva doesn't sit at your hips. Olivia stays up around your belly button. 
Because Olivia fits. Olivia is loyal. 
Olivia is from Bluenotes.
Olivia is only $39.99
Buy Olivia.
This is Lauren

She looks comfy. 
Believe it or not, Lauren is a 
SUPER SKINNYmedium-wash jean. 
Even though Lauren is "Super Skinny," 
she fits well on super curvy girls. 
Lauren still gives your legs room to breathe and move around without tearing and embarrassing you on a date. Lauren has your back. Lauren is from Bluenotes
Lauren is only $49.99 
Buy Lauren
This is Taylor.

She looks like your typical jean, with a pop of colour.
But Taylor is not your typical jean.
Taylor is a super stretch jegging.
Taylor will happily escort you to your yoga class 
and smile as she conforms into any pose without a tear 
while everyone stares in confusion and amazement.
Taylor will sit on you easily looking like denim at your job that has a no legging/no jegging rule and no one will ever know.
Taylor is a smooth criminal. Taylor is from Bluenotes.
Taylor is only $39.99
Buy Taylor.

Before you go crazy, let me save you some $$$.

Take 10% Off trendy Denim Apparel + Free Shipping at Bluenotes! Code LOVEBLUENOTES. Ends 2/29/16. Shop apparel footwear & accessories!Click these links or this banner and get 10% OFF + FREE SHIPPING. Uggghhhh, "% off + free shipping," my favorite combination. *heart eyes*

But be quick, you only have until the end of the month (February 2016) to claim this!

Also, if you prefer to go in-store, (I did because I didn't know my size!) did I mention they take SPC? YEAH. AS IF +Bluenotes COULDN'T GET ANY COOLER.


Bluenotes has your back. Here are there MENS and WOMENS SIZE CHARTS to save you stress and some real pricey airfare.

Hell yeah, Bluenotes got you.
Send me + bluenotes your pictures of your #bluenotesjeans outfits.
Be sure to the hashtag: #mybluenotes for a chance to be featured on their ig/twitter!

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