Monthly Favourites // May 2016

May 26, 2016

Monthly Favorites is coming at you a little early this month, since I have too much planned for next week. This is my first MF in a while, so we're gonna be covering everything from fashion to music. (Music which I'm super excited for! It's been a good music month - just skip everything I'm talking about go straight down to music) I'm not gonna intro-ramble too much, and we'll just get started with it.

I swear, I love summer and warm weather so much, but I don't know how to summer. Leather jackets have become my obsession. They go with everything, but cause heatstroke in the middle of the day. But oh well, all in the name of fashion, right?
Cop this leather jacket here.

Oversized hoop earrings are my latest accessory obsession. I literally want them to be bigger than my head.
You can cop those beauties right here.

Dark lips. I have been loving-loving-loving dark lips lately. Again, I do not know how to summer. Dark lips make your teeth look whiter too, which is hella cool. You can check out my tutorial for this look "Honey + Chocolate" here. You can cop the lippie in the ad below.

tarteist™ lip paint

CLEAN AND CLEAR's Morning Burst facial cleanser has been giving me that extra push I need. Their caffeine infused face wash provides me with hydrated, healthy, happy skin whilst keeping me awake through long days. (Of course, in combination with my morning, afternoon and evening coffee.)

300x250 (2)LADIES! LOLA has easily become my favorite tampon company. From Light to Super. 100% Cotton Tampons. That's it. Just cotton. No chemicals, dyes or synthetics. And the applicator? BPA-free plastic. I think that's everyone's dream tampon. Delivered straight to your
door. Order today and get not one, but TWO boxes for just $9.

We gon' skip this one this month. Y'all don't even wanna know what I've been eating. 
Someone call Jillian Michaels.

Super excited for this one this month. So many good things have happened this month. From LEMONADE to VIEWS to my homie BALO dropping your new favorite track.

Emmanuel Kabbalo aka BALO is not only a good friend of mine but a very talented 19-year-old music artist. (Seriously, y'all I was blown away and I'm not even hyping him 'cause he fam - he's so honestly so good at what he does.)

He dropped his track (aka your summer theme song) 'U2Bad' on his soundcloud which you can listen to below. I want y'all all to go tell this man how much you love his music. Right now. Do it.

Y'all know you up in here like:

Gettin' ya friends like: 

 Feelin' ya self like:

A little more on Balo:
I asked him a few questions and here were his answers,

When did you start making music?: I've always been making music in a sense. I just started to take it serious this year but I've been doing it since I was around 13.

What's your track about? What inspired your track?: U2Bad is a feel good track. I wanted people to enjoy the track because it has a fun summer vibe to it & I wanted any girl who listened to the song to feel like they're popping and on point too. Overall it's a fun track that I want people to enjoy their summer to.

What inspired you to make music?: What inspires me to make music is the fact that I am creating something from nothing. That I can build whatever I want the way I want to and that it's a representation of myself. When you're a creative person you see the art in whatever you're doing and you learn to appreciate what you're doing a lot more because of the viewpoint you have as a creator. It's easier said than done when it comes to making music but it's something that I have a lot of passion for and I have fun doing it.

I'm telling you, this kid is gonna be big. Don't say I ain't warn you.

Instagram: @Balo_2
Twitter: @Balo__2
For all other [serious] contact and inquiries:

Here's ya chance, now that I know y'all try'na hand in your groupie applications now, so follow Balo on his ig & twitter. For all other (serious) inquiries, email. Ladies, I know y'all be crazy, he isn't taking baby mama applications just yet, so don't go emailing him some mess. ;)

All I gotta say is:


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