Bra Favorites (La Senza)

July 19, 2016

This post is long overdue, but we're talking about titties today. I got some super cute goodies from +LaSenza a while ago that I've been procrastinating sharing - but here they are. Ladies, be ready to have your lives changed.

We're gonna look at 4 bras today, ranging from push-up to sports bra. All the bras are simple and black (I've never been one for colorful bras; keep it simple, sleek & sexy), however, a few of you have been asking for a bralette/lingerie-like bra (the fancy stuff) haul and I will definitely do so in the future - just lemme gather the courage to do this one first.

Before I start, I just want to remind you all that La Senza is currently having their semi-annual clearance sale and you can get up to 75% off on your bra babies. They're also having a buy 1, get 1 50% off on some of their new arrivals (such as the "HELLO SUGAR" bra baby we're about to talk about.) 

Semi Annual Clearance Sale! Up to 75% Off

Bra #1

When they said "Up 2 Cup," they meant it. Goodness, this bra makes your boobs look amazing in any low-cut/v-neck shirt. The bra allows your boobs to look significantly larger/plumper without making it look like they are suffocating you, which is extremely nice.
This bra provides a lot of support (includes a clasp in the back for halters) and has an underwire that is really gentle and doesn't try to puncture your rib cage. The lace pattern on the cups is really sexy. It's lace over a plain black cup so you don't need to worry about any nip-slips (not that I'd be complaining). 
The side of the bra is just a mesh/sheer black that is super cute and holds a two hook clasp. I cannot get over the lace pattern on this bra. The bra comes in 32A to 38C, but I think it sizes pretty big, since I'm regularly a 36D, but the 38C fit really nicely. 

Bra #2
BODY KISS // Strapless Push Up Bra

This bra is no longer available on the website, but it has the same make-up as the Body Kiss Strapless Bra, except this one is lace and the original one is not. This bra was way too big on me. I definitely forgot that it's best to get one size smaller when purchasing strapless bras, but oh well - next time. Other than being a little loose, this bra was cute as hell. A little uncomfortable, but that was probably just because of the sizing issue. 
Again, the lace version of this bra isn't available; however, the BODY KISS bra has the same makeup. I'm really happy with the wire on this bra because it's really secure and I don't have much worry about it falling. (I wish I had gotten a size down, but other than that). It looks really nice with tube tops and doesn't make your boobs look weird or give you that weird indent because the wire is too tight.

The bra has a 3 hook clasp, which is my favorite thing in the world. I love 3 hook bras almost as much as I love front hook bras. Super secure. Super cute.

La Senza Buy One Bra, Get One 50%!

Bra #3
Unlined Lace Bra

This bra is literally made of lace. I don't think they used much of any other material. Doesn't do anything fancy to your boobs, but that pattern though. I think this is part of their lingerie line, but I'm not entirely sure. There's not really much to say about this besides the fact that it's super comfortable and super cute.

This is a one hook bra (eye roll) but it's really too tiny to be any more than that. Like I said, it's all lace.
Bra #4
SO FREE // Lightly Lined - Full Coverage Bra

This bra has to be my favorite. It's really simple & incredibly comfortable. Could possibly be used as a sports bra. It's secure (full coverage) but still makes your boobs look relatively good.

Get the "So Free // Lightly Lined Full Coverage Bra" here.

Final verdict:

I love these bras. I love them.

Thank you to the lovely Alexa Grace for filling in for S Chi. <3

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