Smokey Eye + Nude Lip | #makeupmondays

April 26, 2016

#MAKEUPMONDAYS are officially back. In video form. Much to my dismay, you guys seem to like video tutorials more than blog post tutorials. Videos are so awkward for me to make, but of course, I will sacrifice my cool points to make y'all happy. There won't be a video every week, but more often than not.

Please ignore how awkward and crusty I look in this video, as well as my random mouth movements; I was on the phone at one point. I will one day learn how to look cuter when I put on makeup, but for now, this is what it is. ALSO; The lighting in this video is god-awful. I don't really know what happened, but we'll fix it for next week.

All the product info and links are below the video!

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Product List:

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