Valentine's Day: Pretty In Pink

February 08, 2017

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and it's pretty evident that not all of us want to go all out like our first Valentine's Day outfit. So here's something a little softer and less... extra.

I put this look together with an idea to be romantic without going all out. If you're not one to wear too much colour or short dresses, then this look might be perfect for you. You probably noticed in my last post I added a new feature to help you all get dresses. I shop from many Canadian stores that aren't always available to readers from other countries which is why I added the "Shop This Look" widget at the bottom of the screen which provides you with almost identical options (and alternative prices!) for those of you that aren't able to get the exact outfit. 

Once again we are head to toe in +Urban Planet. I'm totally in love with this Droop Neck Midi Dress from Urban Planet. The black is very classic and simple. This dress also comes in a sexy deep red for those of you that are a little more feisty. I paired this with these black Faux Suede Ankle Strap Heels from Urban Planet. The chunky heel provides amazing support without looking too "platform/disco-like". The purse is actually my every-day purse, but worked well with the red pom-pom for the "Valentine's Day effect". This purse is from +GUESS and is no longer available - but I linked similar bags in the "Shop The Look" section at the bottom of this blog post.

My favorite part of this outfit is this Mid-Length Waterfall Blazer from... you guessed it, Urban Planet. This soft peachy-pink blazer adds a nice pop of V-Day colour without being as flashy and intense as red. This paired with a nice glowy, pinkish neutral makeup look will have you looking perfect this Valentine's Day. As for accessories, my hoops and bracelet are from +ALDO Shoes and my rings are from Ardene. Again, similar items are in the "Shop The Look" section.

I hope you all enjoyed this look and have a very romantic and happy Valentine's Day. 


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