Valentine's Day: Red Hot Valentine

February 05, 2017

Going out with bae for Valentine's Day? Staying in with bae for Valentine's day? Getting dressed up and eating pizza and watching Netflix alone? Either way+Urban Planet and I got you.

I had a whole vision for these photos, but it didn't happen because it started snowing and was cold as ever outside. #CanadianProblems. However, that's not going to stop be from serving looks in this slayage by SIRENS. Let's get the low-down:
The "leotard" under this dress would most likely look like shorts on a person with smaller thighs. My thighs kind of ate the "shorts" part and it became a Formation Tour outfit, but we rolled with it.

The dress is unbelievably stretchy and really comfortable. Besides the fact that you're probably going to have to tape up your boobs if you have a fuller chest (much like I did).
And of course, the dress is sexy as all hell (because that's what Sirens does best.) So, it's perfect for a night of good-lovin'.

The shoes are also from SIRENS.


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