6 Instagram Accounts To Follow For When You Need Motivation, Inspiration & Positivity

July 16, 2017


2017 isn't over yet, friends. We still have a little under 6 months to kick this year in the ass and to do so, we have got to stay motivated. Now, trust me, I know motivation isn't easy. Setting and achieving your goals can be really hard some days. It's hard to be your number one cheerleader and critic every day. But it's the little things that make all the difference in keeping our spirits up and helping us work towards greatness. But at the end of the day, the only one who can achieve that greatness is you. To keep yourself going, you can start by surrounding yourself with motivation, inspiration, and positivity.

I always felt like the first half hour of my day determined my mindset for the day. Of course, that mindset can change throughout but I try to start every day positively and carry on that mindset throughout. Like most people, I start every day by checking social media. Instagram seems to be my social media of choice recently, so I like to follow people that I know will keep my feed positive and lift my spirit in the morning and throughout the day. It's the little things.


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FOUNDR Magazine.

If you are a young entrepreneur, an aspiring business-owner or those alike, FOUNDR Magazine is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow for motivation. Their account is filled with motivational quotes that'll keep your spirits up every step of the way. (It'd also be a good idea to subscribe to their magazines and stay updated and informed on when Foundr is holding masterclasses and podcasts where real entrepreneurs teach you how to be an entrepreneur God.)

Pita Grace

This girl's IG will get you up and to the gym, honey, I'll tell you THAT. Her meal prep, mini-workout and motivational posts will keep you in line and motivate you NOT to lose weight, but to stay healthy, strong and fit. A healthy body promotes a healthy mind. Check out Pita's workout videos/plans, meal prep and so much more on her website.


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Scola Dondo

Somewhere in between motivation, inspiration and positivity lies Scola Dondo, the badass fitness lady who's an advocate for self-love and loving your body. This girl will have you loving yourself, loving your body, loving your workouts and loving cardio all within one post. You can checkout Scola's motivational videos and her amazing workouts on her YouTube channel.

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Shameless Maya

I have been following Miss Maya for years now and she is one of my biggest inspirations especially when it comes to blogging, staying positive and believing in myself. Shameless Maya has truly taught me to live my life "shamelessly," and I gotta tell you, it's probably the best way to live. Follow Maya on Instagram and YouTube where she talks about her journey to living life shamelessly!


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Daeizm serves as both inspiration and positivity. Dae is a writer/poet who's writing makes you feel something; giving you a different perspective on aspects of love, life and moving forward. And if you're really looking to dive deep into his poetry (and your emotions) - you can check out his poetry book "MARIGOLD" on Amazon.

Kelli Pease

Just about the happiest Instagram account ever. Happsters is full of beautiful quotes and motivational stories that will keep your spirits up and help you stay positive on even the rainiest of days. (And it features the occasional photo of a cute puppy, just in case your mood needed an extra push.)

Aim for greatness.

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