September 12, 2017


Alright nerds and nerdettes, today we're going to talk about the importance of backing your s**t up. Sadly, after years of completely totalling computers and having my electronics just blank out on me, I have just recently learned the importance of backing my s**t up. 
So, if it's not obvious already; you should back your stuff up for two reasons: 
  • One, because you'll feel like an idiot when your electronic(s) bite the dust and you take it in for a repair and they ask you if you have your files backed up and you say no like an idiot and they have to break it to you that you've just lost gigs and gigs of memories, projects, important information.
  • Two. Electronics fill up, I'm sure our friends in the 16GB iPhone club can tell you all about it. (I recently graduated to 128GB, holla!) Backing up your content saves space, creates space and honestly, when you keep finding loop holes forcing your phone to make more space - it'll create it by deleting all your text messages. Trust me, I've lived this.
The best way to avoid this, is to back your 'ish up.

There's three common ways that people back up their files and content:

  • Online/Cloud Storage such as iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox
  • External Hard Drives
  • Flash Drives
Personally, I like to utilize all three to back up my files and content, but I use them all for different reasons.


I feel that online/cloud storage is great for things like backing up your phone, text messages, images and things that you may share a lot. I use this for things like my resume, notes, essays and assignments, my content schedule, etc. Things that I like to be able to easily access from anywhere and things that will get sent around. (i.e. resume/notes). The only downside to cloud storage is that it can fill up rather quickly and often requires you to purchase more storage, which for us cheapsters, is a no-no.


External Hard Drives are great for things you need but don't need daily or often. I use these for old notes from past classes, edited/uploaded videos, old files and just when I do a computer wipe. These are things I don't necessarily need daily but might want to go back to in the future - or when I get that "Low Disk Space" notification and want to make space on my computer. External Hard Drives come with tons of space and I mean tons, however, they can be on the pricier side - however, it is a valid investment. Everyone with a computer should have at least one external hard drive. 

flash drives

Flash Drives are my favourite. They are small, portable and easily accessible. But I don't just like any type of flash drive, I like lightning sticks. These flash drives have a USB on one end and a lightning connector on the other, so you can conveniently back up your phone and your computer. These flash drives often come with quite a bit of space (32GB+) and are major life savours for the 16GB iPhone club. I swear, once I got one of these - I never saw the infamous "Cannot Take Photo" notification that we all hate so much. Although, I wouldn't recommend using this to back up larger files as they aren't quite as spacious as an external hard drive (and easy to lose!) - The greatest part about lightning sticks is they are extremely affordable. 

The lightning sticks I use are the oMARS USB Lightning Flash Drives. I order them from Amazon and they retail anywhere from C$40 - C$80+ depending on the amount of space you require. 

The OMARS Lightning Sticks are compatible with most Apple devices, from iPhones to iPods + iPads and they come in cute colours like Rose Gold, Silver, Grey, Gold and so much more. And since we're bougie b****es over here, that stuff matters. 

The Lightning Stick connects via an app called "WitStick" that it'll prompt you to download the first time you plug it in and you're able to transfer all your data onto a back up drive computer-free! Super simple, super easy.

The Lightning Stick has a USB on the opposite side so you can transfer data to and from your computer or use it as a regular flash drive. 

You can back up everything from photos and videos to apps, media and data. A nice alternative if you fill up your iCloud storage.

You can find different lightning sticks and external hard drives on my Tech List on Amazon.

Hopefully this encouraged you all to start backing your s**t up, if you don't already. Better safe than crying on your floor because you lost 4 videos, all your text messages and your selfies. 

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