September 14, 2017


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So, there's this huge debate I've noticed across the internet about whether or not it's necessary to post your significant other on your social media pages. While there are strong points on both sides, I've realized many are misinterpreting the reasoning behind this. In my opinion, the answer to this question? Yes and no.

Let me break it down. Social media is a big part of people's every day lives nowadays. You can get to know almost everything about a person you've never even met solely by lurking their social media pages. Since social media has become a way to express one's life, and your significant other is part of said life... yes, it's necessary to post them on social media. Just like you post your car, your outfit, your meals and even your friends... (parts of your every day life) on your social media, I believe your significant other should definitely fit into that category.

Now, this where misinterpretation comes in: you're not posting your significant other on your social media to "prove" anything. You're not posting them to "prove" that you love them or "stunt" on anyone with gifts or outings or private moments you two share, it's essentially just to tell the world "Hey, I'm in a relationship and it ain't a secret."

This doesn't have to be heartfelt Facebook statuses and Instagram posts, as cute as that is, but a simple "In A Relationship" would suffice. People do this in various ways.

The reason this is essential to a relationship has nothing to do "maturity" and everything to do with transparency and honesty.


Coming from someone who found out my boyfriend at the time had a whole other girlfriend because his initials was in her private IG bio and she changed all her profile pictures to a picture of them in his bed together. Seriously, sis even changed her Spotify picture. Had she not done this, I wouldn't have known dude was playing me. (Besides the fact she messaged me on Facebook a few weeks later, but I already been knew...)

I can't even begin to count the amount of times I met a dude online or at a club, just to find him on social media and realize he has a whole ass wife. Not a girlfriend, a wife.

So in my eyes, unless you have something to hide, you would make it clear on your social media that you are in a relationship.

Too many times, I have been stupid enough to allow guys to give me the excuse, "I don't even use social media like that" as a reason to not have any trace of me, their girlfriend, on any of their social medias - and that is bullshit. It really doesn't take much to change your relationship status on facebook. And I honestly don't think anyone should allow that. In a social media-driven age, where everyone and their mama got some form of social media - no matter how much you "use" it, you can acknowledge your significant other on it. No excuses.

You don't use your social media much but yet, you can reply to all the hoes in your IG DMs? You got time to use Tinder, though? Aight, bet.

Is this a relationship requirement for me, personally? Yes.

For me, it may be a little bit of different story - as an avid social media user (and I mean avid, it's my job.) So, I expect my significant other all up in my page, hyping my damn selfies and sharing my blog posts. (I'm only half kidding) It's a support thing as much as it is a relationship thing.

I'm one to wait at least a couple months before announcing my relationships and most people feel this way. But there are some people that want to announce their relationships the second they happen - which is totally fine. Whatever works for your relationship, works for your relationship. However, if you've been with someone for 6 months and there is not one sign of them on any of your social media... that's an issue.

This is not putting all your business out in the world, it's just letting people know you are not single, so don't slide in the DMs. It also makes the person feel that you aren't ashamed of them. Simple. You break up and you slowly delete the pictures and call it a day.

The fear of having to delete shit "when" you break up is not an excuse, sorry.

Bottom line: don't hide your relationships, it's weak, it's immature and it's shady.

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