September 22, 2017

HAPPY hump day!

So, I know you've all seen these ads all over Facebook and Instagram. The LUXYLEMON BATTERY CASE. I don't think I've gone a day without seeing an ad for one of these, but I couldn't find many reviews anywhere, so I thought I'd try one out for myself and tell you all if it's really worth it.

Now, I have always opted to Mophie Juice Pack Battery Cases and believe me, I love them. I've gotten one for all my iPhones since my iPhone 5, so I will be using this as a reference point during this review. I recently bought an iPhone 6 Plus and unfortunately, they didn't sell Mophie Juice Packs for the "pluses" in-store so I had to order one online. I never really got around to it, but they usually retail for around $122 CAD ($99 USD). When I saw the LuxyLemon cases, I decided I'd give them a try before purchasing a Mophie case.

The LuxyLemon cases retail for $49 USD ($51.45 USD with taxes), which is about $63 CAD, so a little bit cheaper than the Mophie Juice Pack Battery Cases. I paid $2.99 USD for shipping, which was standard Canada Post shipping - although there is an option for Free Shipping through Canada Post - I'm not too sure what the difference is (possibly delivery time.) The total would have come to about $67 CAD, however, there are a bunch of ways to get discount codes on the LuxyLemon website, so I ended up paying $47.91 CAD ($39.01 USD) - which is a jump down of over 50% from the Mophie Juice Packs. 

So, I ordered my LuxyLemon battery case on September 1st, it shipped out on September 5th and I received it on September 12th. So as far as shipping goes, I feel that is pretty standard - of course, it seems like forever for someone who's so used to using Amazon Prime, but in the real world, that is a typical shipping timeline. 

The designs are probably my favourite part of the LuxyLemon Battery Cases. They offer a ton of designs from Metallic to various forms of Marble. (And you know how mama loves her marble...) The designs are really good quality - not pixelated at all. The case is a hard plastic and very slim, however, it is a little heavier than I'd like (but that's expected, there's a whole battery in there.) Unlike the Mophie Juice Packs, the Luxy Lemon case is one full piece, with an easy 'slide on, slide off' design. However, I would not recommend (either of these phone cases, really) for protection against damage... they are purely made to charge your phone.

In comparison to the Mophie Case which gives you up to 60% extra battery life, the LuxyLemon offers a little over half that. But we'll keep in mind that the case is over 50% less expensive than the Mophie Juice Packs. The case, however, charges with your lightning cable - which could be a pro or a con. The Mophie Juice Packs come with a charger which is that of a Samsung. I did enjoy this because I could then almost convert my phone and be able to use other charging cables. It doesn't take that long to charge the case back up, however, unlike the Mophie Case - you can't charge the case and the phone simultaneously. 

This case is not bad. It's very cute and essentially, you get your money's worth. The quality is great and the designs are so cute. I'm in love with the marble design and it's definitely a cheaper alternative if you don't wanna blow big bucks on a Mophie Juice Pack.

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