September 11, 2017


I trust that everyone has started school and is slowly adjusting into the life of studying, assignments and deadlines. The best part about back to school season is all the shopping and sales. I'm going to be honest, I tend to go a little crazy at the beginning of every school year trying to find school supplies that are efficient, yet cute and stylish.

The biggest issue I ran into while back-to-school bag shopping this year was finding a bag that fit everything from my laptops to my textbooks and notebooks while still maintaining that "style" aspect and going well with all my outfits. 

I have a 13-inch MacBook Air and it seems that every cute bag I came across had a height of less than 13-inches. Believe me, for a split second I thought I would have to get a typical school backpack. But luckily, I was saved by two of my favourite accessory stores, ALDO and H&M. 

I purchased one bag and a backpack that were both the perfect fit for my MacBook, my textbooks and big enough to carry all of my study essentials without much hassle and without making me look like a 6th grader.

So, if you've been looking for the perfect bag or back to keep you looking stylish with your studies, look no further:

This faux leather handbag from H&M is the cutest addition to my closet and allows me to carry around all my school supplies while looking like a simple and classy bag. The bag retails at C$59.99 and is available in nude, black & grey - simple colours that will pair with any outfit. It's pretty sturdy and a little on the bulkier side but doesn't cause much disturbance to everyday activities. The bag is amazing quality and super spacious - perfectly made to accommodate all the heavy stuff like textbooks.

For those of us that prefer backpacks, ALDO's Ventea Backpack is the perfect fashion-forward back to school bag. The backpack is super spacious and leaves room for all your study essentials and can fit a laptop up to 14" in size. This bag retails for C$60.00 and comes in "Bone" (nude pictured above) and Black. My favourite part of this adorable backpack is the glitter pouch detailing in the front. I'm a sucker for all things glitter and this backpack completely gives me life.

I'm totally gushing over these bags and I totally recommend them to anyone that wants to make school a little more bearable by adding a splash of style.

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