October 23, 2017

Happy Sunday, everyone! I love spending my Sundays relaxing and getting my life together and that essentially includes cleaning and organizing. This week was a total mess following my birthday party so I had everything from unused decorations, to unopened gifts, to everything I packed just sprawled out across my floor. Trying to get back on track in combination with being sick was really hard for me, so I decided to tackle one area at a time and of course, I decided to start with my vanity.

Since being in the process of renovating and moving, my vanity has been pretty plain. I haven't been able to hang up my vanity lights or mirror so I've been using this Conair Oval Lighted Makeup Mirror. Which I totally love, don't get me wrong, but I'm so used to having a larger mirror with more light on my face. I've also just kind of dumped all my cosmetics items in these two boxes I lined with White/Grey Marble Adhesive Film that I got off Amazon. (My table is covered in this too.) My vanity was looking too messy for my liking and it was impossible to find anything without dumping the entire contents of the boxes all over the table. With the rather large influx of cosmetics items I received for my birthday from my amazing family and friends, I realized I needed to make more room and get more organized.

I started by throwing out all the old makeup and brushes I don't need or no longer use. Just to reduce the clutter. Once that was done, I went into the rearranging and organizing:

First, I swapped out my makeup brush holder. The marble on marble was far too much, so I decided to use it as a pen holder on my work desk instead (since it's white.) I replaced it with these stemless wine glasses I picked up at Wal-Mart. These come in sets of 4. Glasses are my favourite for holding pens, makeup brushes and other storage. They add a nice, classy touch. I filled the glass a little under half way with Ashland Diamond Vase Fillers from Michaels these helped hold the brushes in place and kept the vase from looking overly empty. I used this glass for all my "face" brushes: Blush, Powder, Foundation, Contour Brushes...

I did the same with my eyeshadow brushes. They didn't fit in the tiny marble holder I had used previously, so I ended up sticking them in my acrylic cosmetic organizer. I got this one from Dollar Tree, but you can find a similar one here. I used another stemless wine glass filled with diamond vase fillers to match the face brushes giving my vanity a very clean and simplistic look.

I needed to deal with these boxes ASAP. I had a habit of just throwing things like lipglosses, beauty blenders and other makeup items randomly in these cardboard boxes and that needed to stop. I honestly couldn't find anything. To fix the issue, I organized all my makeup items into this acrylic makeup organizer from Wal-Mart. (Apparently this product seems to be constantly out of stock, so here is an alternative option from Bed Bath & Beyond.) The drawers are easily accessible and I appreciate the transparency so I can see exactly where everything is without it being messy.

I brought in a mini double acrylic jar from Dollar Tree to hold my beauty blenders and sponges. I wasn't able to find this exact jar, but you can pick up a full version here. I placed this on top of my acrylic drawers beside my makeup organizer.

On the left side, I ended up keeping my box, but organizing it to fit products I don't use daily. I bought an acrylic stand from Dollar Tree to go over it and hold all my foundations, liquid highlighters and my everyday palettes in my second cosmetic organizer. You can find a [somewhat] similar stand here.

Now onto jewelry. I used to have an actual jewelry box but ended up packing it away, I have a small selection of jewelry that I wear on an everyday basis so I decide to keep those right on my vanity to make them easily accessible when I'm on the go. I used to just throw them all in an old jar cap, but it would often tangle up my necklaces in my bracelets. I got this little cardboard, marble tray that holds all my jewelry in a way that it is neatly displayed and doesn't get all tangled up. 

Lastly, I added a 20 x 24 in beveled mirror from Home Depot. Again, my little DIY "Hollywood" Vanity Mirror (which I'll probably do a video on when I'm settled and can put it back up) is packed away and since I can't drill them into my wall, I'll have to make do. Although, I do use my table vanity mirror often, I do appreciate having a larger mirror as well on my desk - so I purchased this mirror for only $25 at Home Depot!

And finally, my (temporary) vanity revamp is complete! Although it's not lighted, I usually just set up my ring light in the corner and it does the trick. 

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