October 24, 2017

Happy Tuesday Boss Babes! I'm finally catching up on some much-needed fashion posts and I decided that we're going to get a little professional with this one. I used to struggle with what to wear for interviews. I often came off as 'overdressed' basically wearing a suit or 'underdressed' wearing what resembled a sundress. I used to spend hours searching my bedroom for interview outfits and trying to find that "in between." 

I eventually found a few staple items that I had in my closet that will always work for interviews, no matter the position. 

Unless I'm going to something as serious as a corporate meeting, I always opt to keep it business casual. Keep it professional, but make it fashion. It's always a good idea to show a bit of personality to your outfits but remember, you are walking into an interview, not on a runway. Balance is key!

I put together this outfit that works for great for interviews and meetings. This is a combination of clothes I wear on an everyday basis, just piled together in the right way. Keep it profashionable.

Pants were always a tough one for me when going to interviews. I'm not a fan of dress pants because they were so uncomfortable to me, so I was always wearing skirts and dresses to interviews. Until I came across joggers. 

These pants are the Black Sacha Jogger Pants from Dynamite. They retail at C$44.95 and are perfect for the business casual look. Super comfortable, but give off that "I'm here to work" vibe.

Other alternatives are the Harlowe & Graham Soft Jogger Pants from Nordstrom that retail at USD$34.97 or the Drawstring Joggers from Urban Planet that retail at C$24.99.

Joggers are always a "go-to" for workwear, but be mindful of the material. Workout joggers are not professional and no, you cannot pass them off as workwear. If they resemble sweatpants, it's best to leave them at home. Note that jeans are also unacceptable for professional wear. Especially if they look like jeans. And ABSOLUTELY NO LEGGINGS. There is such thing as too casual

Tops are usually the easier part, but you need to be careful with it. None of that deep-V nonsense! An interview is not the place to be showing of the twins. Keep it classy. 

Turtlenecks and Tie-Neck Blouses are my ultimate go-to when it comes to business casual attire. 

My turtleneck bodysuit is the Libby Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Basic Body from Boohoo in Charcoal. (damn long name). It retails for C$32.00. Bodysuits are essential to have in your professional wardrobe because they provide the cleanest look when tucked into pants. You also don't have to worry about ruffling and having your top pop out of the top of your pants when you bend over.

An alternative to this is the Tall Laura Long Sleeve Roll Neck Top from Boohoo which retails at C$30.00. If you prefer a crop top when tucked into high rise pants, the Crop Turtle Neck from ASOS is an amazing option.

When I'm going to a professional meeting or an interview and going for a business casual look, I want to add one pop of color only. The rest of my outfit should remain monotone/neutral. While I prefer to stay away from all black, your base colors should always be white, black, grey, beige, brown or nude. Please, do not walk up into an interview in a bright blue and yellow outfit. You want to catch their eye, but you don't want to be too visually loud. If you're going busy/patterned, try to keep it a neutral color. 

My pop of color is my coral waterfall jacket from Urban Planet. Unfortunately, it's been discontinued - however, an identical alternative is the Holly Waterfall Duster Jacket from Boohoo that retails at C$55.00. 

Dusters are an amazing professional alternative to blazers/suit jackets, however, remember not to get carried away. We're still trying to be professional, you don't want your jacket to be too heavy, too light or sweeping the floor. I would say no longer than knee length and for the love of all that is professional, stay away from silk and suede.

Another great alternative is the Wallis Drape Front Waterfall Jacket from Nordstrom. It retails at USD$40.80 and it is the perfect non-blazer jacket option. 

Now for shoes. My shoes are strappy heels from Urban Planet, and you guessed it - discontinued/out of stock. But that's okay because I wouldn't wear these shoes to an interview. But I would to a meeting which is what was in mind when putting together this outfit.

You always want to be comfortable and ergonomically friendly when going to an interview. Closed-toe shoes are best for interviews. For heels, I would go with something like the Black Velvet Almond Toe Heels from SheIn. Pumps are a workwear staple. The Sam Edelman Hazel Pumps are a personal favorite. Try something with a thick heel and not too high, breaking your ankle walking out of an interview is not the move. Save your 6-inch heels for the club. 

Another option would be booties. Something with a heel height under 2". These Metal Heel Booties from Urban Planet are perfect, professional but fashionable.

If you're unsure, always go with flats! This is the one time it is acceptable to wear flats with a bomb ass outfit. Grab your Dr. Scholls. 

With shoes at interviews, it's important to remember to keep it neutral. Black, beige/nude or brown. There is a time and a place for fire red pumps and your job interview isn't it. Leave the metallics and extravagant flats at home too, I see you girl.

Hopefully, this post helps you rock your next business meeting or interview. Kill it like the boss babe you are!

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