October 19, 2017

I don't know why I named this blog post twerkin' + twenty as if I could twerk in this short ass dress, but I ain't trippin' 'bout it.

This rose gold sparkly beauty is the "Start the Show Sequin Dress" from Fashion Nova. They offer it in their "Fashion Nova Curve" sizes as well, so all my ladies can rock this one. It's does show a lot of back as it's a halter and it's also a scoop neck because Fashion Nova was on a mission to make it impossible for you to contain ya titties. 

Pros? It's rose gold and sparkly. It was very evident it was my birthday.
Cons? Homegirl is short as hell. No bending, no twisting, twerking, shaking. Nah, girl. You are to stand and look pretty. Lemme apologize in advance if anyone saw some body parts that they weren't supposed to. I really tried, y'all!

I also felt like this dress really made my booty just... disappear. I don't really know what happened because I could've sworn I had at list a smidge of booty... 

Otherwise, the dress was super cute. Definitely the perfect dress if you're trying to catch the whole room's attention. Would be the perfect New Year's Party dress. Wouldn't recommend it if you're try'na bruk off yuh back, though.

My shoes, from Urban Planet, as usual. These are the "Honey Comb Sandals" in Rose Gold. They were comfortable for about 22 seconds, so within 5 minutes of walking into the door I switched to my fur slides from Ardene.

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